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Instructor Testimonials

Celia is an extremely talented artist with an incredible understanding of color. She offers her students a variety of pictures for them to paint from or assists them with their own pictures. She guides students toward beautiful compositions by helping them use a piece of a picture, or freely add to a painting. She moves around to each student offering suggestions and demonstrating use of color and brush techniques. While supporting each student’s unique style, Celia offers constructive help in a kind caring way. Having studied with Celia, for several years, I have improved as a painter and completed many beautiful paintings with her guidance.
— Instructor Celia Judge's student Kathy H.
I enjoyed the workshop very much and hope to participate in another one. I found the demos very helpful and appreciated seeing how to achieve certain effects and then trying it myself. Thank you also for bringing snacks and having tea on hand.
I’m inspired to keep at it and have a collection of photos, including some of my late Australian shepherd, that I’ve always wanted to paint from.
— Cecilia Sharma watercolor workshop student Lynn D.
I enjoyed Jack's workshop very much. He is a wonderful teacher.  I learned from so many of his examples from his palette to the types of brushes he used. What a wonderful experience for those that attend. - Jack Keledjian event participant - Marilyn S
Wanted to share my admiration for Jack and his teaching skills. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. Jack is a wonderful artist who is happy to share Richard Smith's traditions with us. I was so inspired. - Jack Keledjian event participant - Irina F
I highly appreciate it and am so lucky to have taken this class this summer with you. It was fun and joyful for me. You’re an extraordinary teacher and artist. Thanks again and take good care.
— Yong Chen student, Estefani B
Pearl is a passionate and dedicated teacher. She loves her craft of oil painting and it shows. She brings supplementary reference materials to educate her students, advises on the best materials, and has good ideas about still-life set up. I look forward to the next series of classes! - Pearl McCarthy student, Nancy B