Arts Wayland Foundation, Inc.

April 6, 2019 

Section 2. Members

·       2.1 Membership:

o   Simplify existing provision that treats members as being elected, and fixes a number for them by changing to Membership is open to all who are interested in the arts.

·       2.2 Tenure:

o   Conform to our membership policy by changing to: Membership shall continue as long as members annually renew their membership by paying dues as fixed by the directors and updating their contact information.

·       2.4 Delete a provision on suspending or removing members as unnecessary. 

·       2.5 Resignation:

o   Simplify the procedure for resigning by changing to: Members may resign from membership at any time. If a resigning member does not want to continue receiving email or other communications about the corporation’s activities, that request should be sent to the corporation.

·       2.6  Deleted a provision on vacancies in membership as unnecessary.

·       2.7 Annual Meeting

o   Changed fixed date to the last Sunday in February. This can be changed if it falls on a legal holiday. This also can be changed by the directors to another date within that time frame. Also simplified notice requirements.  Members will be notified 14 days before if the date changes.

Section 3.  Sponsors, Benefactors, Contributors, Advisers, Friends of the Corporation.

·       Deleted the last sentence relating to titles for these individuals as unnecessary.

Section 4. Board of Directors

·       4.2 (a) Rotation.

o   The phrase “to the extent possible” was added to the provision that the term of half of the directors expire annually. 

·       4.10 (c) Reasonable and Sufficient Notice.

o   Reference to providing notice by telegram, in person, or telephone was deleted, so that notice is by email.


·       Remove last paragraph dealing with transfers of real estate as unnecessary.