About Arts Wayland

Workshop in the studio with Cecilia Sharma and students

Workshop in the studio with Cecilia Sharma and students

Arts Wayland Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. ID# 04-2720386. All contributions are tax deductible. 

Arts Wayland Board

Nancy Boyle                    
Peter Curran                 
Aurora Grabill  
Sarah Kahn             
Lois Novotny           
Judith Scott                      

Past Activities and Events

Arts Wayland has brought art and creativity into the community in many ways over the years. From the community wide Art Fair in 2015 to the Art in Rotation program, exhibits and programs at the Trinitarian Cong. Church, Wayland Library, Traditions of Wayland, Carriage House of Wayland, the many volunteers and art lovers have used their time and creativity to enrich our community.

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Our mission is to promote creative expression; inspire, motivate and support artists of all mediums to enrich our community.


Arts Wayland formed itself as a non-profit educational organization in 1980 and applied for the use of the Loker School building.  Wayland Town Meeting voted in favor of Arts Wayland renting about 75% of the entire space.

Community Art Fair calligraphy art

Community Art Fair calligraphy art

Arts Wayland used two of the classrooms for its teaching programs, the library became the gallery, the auditorium was “common space” but mainly used for drama, poetry, slideshows, musical events, etc.  All of the rest of the building became artist studios (44 Tenants) and the kitchen became pottery studios.

Due to the increase in school population, Arts Wayland had to give up the space. Arts Wayland donated the lighting equipment to the Wayland Library and agreed to help run the Raytheon Room shows.  

Arts Wayland thanks all the board members, treasurers and presidents that over the years established and maintain Arts Wayland and its role in the our community.

Following are the previous presidents of Arts Wayland: Mimi Rogers, Marvin Feit,  Jo Wilson, Charles Shane, John Seiler,  Allen Barker, George Brawerman and Nasser K.