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Instructor Testimonials

It has been a great privilege to take a course from you this semester. Watercolor at this point is a beautiful luxury away from the stress. I so appreciate the time and care that you took critiquing my work. Your life and your work are inspirations to me and I humbly thank you for being my teacher this semester.
— Yong Chen student, Karyn C
Cecilia Sharma is an excellent teacher, and I learned a lot from her demonstrations as well as her personal advice. She encouraged us to pursue whatever vision we saw in our own paintings, but she also helped us with the details.
— Cecilia Sharma student
Celia is an extremely talented artist with an incredible understanding of color. She offers her students a variety of pictures for them to paint from or assists them with their own pictures. She guides students toward beautiful compositions by helping them use a piece of a picture, or freely add to a painting.
— Celia Judge student, Kathy H.
Before he starts, Jack tells us that we need to think very carefully about our subject and to imagine what we are going to paint, each aspect of it before we begin to paint. Do not center your main object, but pick a location on the canvas that is off center. This provides better interest. Harmony is very important, he says. Work each stroke in relation to the one next to it.”
— Patty Meglio, Pen & Paint Blogspot
Pearl McCarthy is a passionate artist and teacher. It matters so much to her that her students gain mastery in oil painting. She has expert knowledge of her craft and her intention is that I as a student improve and advance my work. I look forward to refining my work in oil painting with her guidance.
— Pearl McCarthy student, Nancy B.