Annual Meeting


The 2019 annual meeting of the members of Arts Wayland Foundation, Inc., a Massachusetts not-for-profit corporation, will be held on:

●        Date: Saturday, April 27

●        Time: 4:30pm -5:15pm

●        Agenda:

Vote on the size of the Board of Directors for Arts Wayland. At the last annual meeting the number was set to 7. We would like to continue with 7.

Vote on nominees for the Board. There are 4 vacancies and 4 candidates so far. If you would like to be a candidate, or make a nomination, please email Nominations must be received by April 25.

After the meeting concludes we will have social and networking time. We usually go around and introduce ourselves and talk briefly on what we are working on in the arts.

There is a reception for the “Sense of Place Exhibit” at 6pm. All are welcome to stay.

Nominees for the Board of Arts Wayland 2018

Nancy Boyle - Volunteer, Board member for past 4 years, president for past 2 years.

Jean-Pierre Ducondi - Volunteer. JP is an artist who lives in Wayland. Active at theW Gallery helping with web projects for exhibits, involved with Member Salon.

Judi Stein - Judith Stein is an artist from Groton who has been an active volunteer since the opening of theW Gallery.  She has enjoyed working with other Arts Wayland members on the Events Committee and co-chairing the Member Salon with Rozsi Moser.  She would like to continue to help with event planning, to assist in curating exhibits, as well as further develop the Member Salon. 

Rozsi Moser - Co-chair of Member Salon, active on Exhibitions committee. Rozsi Moser is an artist who lives and works in Sudbury. She is relatively new to Arts Wayland, but has enjoyed her role in helping to set up and co-manage the Members’ Salon, and would like to continue to work with the salon and assist in events and event planning. 

Current Board

Nancy Boyle, director- up for re-election

Aurora Grabill, Secretary/clerk

Lois Novotny, director

Joanne Tarlin, director

Notice of changes in By-Laws

The directors voted to amend the bylaws to make them more relevant to our corporation, and, as required, members will be provided with a summary of changes. View this summary online by clicking here. This summary will also be available at the annual meeting.

Please RSVP 

Member attendance is very important for this annual meeting. We need a quorum in order to have a meeting. We hope to see you!

Official Notice Of Arts Wayland 2019 Annual Meeting

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If you would like to nominate yourself, or someone else, to the board, please enter the name here (and contact info if not for yourself). Nominees are asked to serve for two years. BOD meetings take place approximately 4 times a year. There will be a BOD meeting soon after the annual meeting to elect officers: president, treasurer, clerk.