Jack Keledjian, live portrait demo

Jack Keledjian, an award-winning painter from the Putney Vermont Painter group, did a 4-hour oil portrait demo at Arts Wayland’s new location in Wayland Mass for a group of 25 artists.

During the 4-hour session, with breaks for the model to rest every 20 minutes, attendees enthusiastically took notes, asked questions, and sketched.

Jack kept a continuous commentary on his process, including colors he was choosing and mixing, brushes (he switched from hard to begin to soft at the middle and end), and his thoughts about shapes, edges, and light and dark.

A break for refreshments and socializing gave artists a chance to meet and make new connections. They enjoyed a display of portrait and landscape paintings by Jack.

Arts Wayland thanks Jack for generously donating his time to benefit Arts Wayland. Thanks also to our model Susan, a graphic and arts student at Framingham State.

Thanks to Peace Lutheran church for use of their fellowship hall for the event.

Some of Jacks remarks during the session:

When you paint, it is a process. You just look; you just evolve toward creation.
I'd rather have something exciting than something dead.
We all struggle, but never quit
If the brush strokes don't matter - don't worry. But when they are important - then do it!
Keep it soft
Something happens with the "half painting" - much more interesting than the "finished painting"
What is 'right'? When things work together.


Wanted to share my admiration for Jack and his teaching skills. It was an amazing experience and I learned a lot. Jack is a wonderful artist who is happy to share Richard Smith's traditions with us. I was so inspired. - Participant -Irina

I enjoyed Jack's workshop very much. He is a wonderful teacher.  I learned from so many of his examples from his palette to the types of brushes he used. What a wonderful experience for those that attend. - Participant - Marilyn S

Visit artswayland.com for more information on upcoming classes. Including a workshop with Jack Keledjian on March 7, 2017. Click here for more info.