Drawing and Painting with Margie Krakauer

About this class

5 Butterflies - watercolor by Margret Krakauer

5 Butterflies - watercolor by Margret Krakauer

Program description: If you’ve ever wondered if you can draw or paint, or even if you have been doing creative art for years, Drawing and Painting might be the class for you. I have been teaching for over 25 years, and have learned that combining beginning students and intermediate artists in one class leads to a stimulating experience. I develop an individualized program for each student, who chooses a medium and subject appropriate for his/her own level of experience and interest. This leads to increased focus and engagement in the creative process. 

Most students choose drawing with graphite/colored pencils or pen and ink or painting in watercolors or acrylics, which are easier to transport than other materials. I believe that drawing is the foundation of the artistic process, and I encourage all my students to learn and refine the fundamentals of drawing. 

I help everyone to develop drawings/paintings using appropriate materials and to learn techniques to produce well done pieces with the mood the student is aiming for. Offering critiques of past and present works, I help students learn how to complete unfinished paintings.

What students will learn: Each student might be working on a different subject and in a different medium at his or her own level. Even so, I hope all students:
1. Learn to observe the world around them in new ways and begin to learn how to translate that to an artistic endeavor.
2. Learn how to start, work on, and then complete a drawing or painting.
3. Learn new techniques to creatively achieve the desired mood.

About the teacher

I have advanced degrees in Biology and Social Work, but started painting almost 40 years ago when my children were quite young. For the most part, I studied with the late world renowned Wayland artist George Dergalis. I have been teaching privately and through the Wayland Recreation Department for 30 years. I taught drawing courses for children as well as a summer Arts Workshop with potter Phyllis Biegun for 15 years, but have concentrated on adults in the past several years.

Learn more about Margret Krakauer http://margretkrakauer.com/

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Date/Time: 8 Monday mornings from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Fee: $200, payable by check to Margret Krakauer, 15 Orchard Lane, Wayland, MA 01778

Student level: Beginner, Intermediate, maximum 10 participants

Register: Email Margret Krakauer - mbkrakauer@verizon.net or phone (508) 965-7976