Arts Wayland Guidelines for Events

Arts Wayland Event Guidelines and Requirements

Arts Wayland invites persons (vendor) with any type of artistic talent to propose an event to be held in theW Gallery space.  The vendor will follow the guidelines and work with the Event Management Team in all manners relating to the event. Arts Wayland Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  The following are the details of our program requirements.

theW Gallery Event Space

Because Arts Wayland is an all-volunteer organization, your help in all aspects of the event is appreciated.  We have noise level limitations as well as a 10pm noise curfew. You will be covered by our liability insurance but not for any loss of private/public materials or equipment you bring in.  You must have your own insurance for your valuables.

We currently have a 50 person limit in the space. Please let us know how many people will be attending with you if they are not ticket buyers.

Promoting your Event

If your proposal is accepted, Arts Wayland will send an invitation to our mailing list, post on our website, local online news outlets, and on social media.  It is suggested that you help with reaching out to your network to promote your event. You may have examples of your work, business cards and flyers that can be displayed at your event. If this is a ticketed event, we will provide a web address to direct folks to our online registration and payment page.  

Please send some pictures to be used for PR. Jpeg format is good. Email to - Subject: Event photos. Also, please try to take some good photos during your event for follow up PR.

Cancellation due to Weather, Act of God, Emergency

If weather is a concern, the Events Management Team will discuss if the gallery should cancel the event and give notice 24 hours in advance of the event.  If an act of God or emergency occurs, all parties will give as much notice as possible and with a plan to reschedule the event. In the event of a cancellation the event vendor and the Event Management Team will post to all original media outlets of the cancellation saying a reschedule is eminent.


Arts Wayland will pay you 80% of the ticket or fee receipts. Because we use the online payment system ‘Stripe’ on our website to accept credit card payments, if someone pays online the final receipt is after the fee is taken out by Stripe. Stripe charges a flat rate of 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge.

We calculate the 80% owed you based on the final receipts total. If you have materials cost, please build that into your ticket or tuition price. If you are teaching a class, you may have a separate materials cost that students/attendees can pay you directly.

If someone pays by check or cash, then there is no fee that has to be deducted. We do our best to manage walk-ins at musical and other events. We have volunteers ask people to go to the desk and pay. It is not always a perfect system. We ask for your understanding as we are an all-volunteer organization.

We will send you a check within 30 days of the event.

The next step is to complete the Event Proposal.

Thank you for considering Arts Wayland for your event!