Pop Up Arts!

Coming soon - Pop Up Arts is a new venture for Arts Wayland.

Located in the Wayland Town Shopping Center, it will feature an art gallery - Gallery60 - art events and art instruction activities.

Contact us if you want to be part of the creation and planning for this exciting opportunity! Email: info@artswayland.com or complete the sign up form on this page.

Pre-submission - We are testing an art submission process. Try it out! http://www.artswayland.com/show-entry

We look forward to seeing you at Pop Up Arts!

Save the dates for our first events

Kim Beehive Art Photo.JPG

Family First Night with Beehive Art @kimbeehive

Monday, Dec 31 - An afternoon of creativity, fun, food and music for children and their families to celebrate First Night. Registration starting soon. Contact Beehive for more information. kimbeehiveart@gmail.com

Pearl McCarthy @pearlmccarthy

Pearl McCarthy @pearlmccarthy