Collage - Abstract Painting with Paper Workshop 4/23

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Collage - Abstract Painting with Paper Workshop 4/23


This will be a relaxing class designed for the non-painter and experienced artist alike. Collage is a flexible and forgiving way of creating art. Students will choose colors and textures of papers to create non-objectively working with the basic elements of art (line, texture, shape, etc.) to focus on embracing experimentation. We will learn some basic collage techniques using a variety of painted and found papers, magazine pages and other materials to make exciting compositions. Students will see how "drawing" with shapes as a spontaneous path of expression.

Student level: Beginner, Intermediate

Fee: $50, includes all materials (students are invited to bring their own materials and papers if they wish)

Date/Time: Tuesday, 4/23/2019, 9am to noon

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You will learn:

  • Seeing in shapes is a valuable exercise - and trains your eye to see things in a broader sense.

  • Learning the techniques to a highly satisfying way to create with easy to find materials that are at hand.

  • Gives the new and established artist a way of working on their "process" by encouraging what can be quick, no-excuses warm up as well as creating final art.

Contact the teacher for questions:

Name: Deborah Drummond


Phone: (978) 764-5721


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