Oil Painting with Pearl McCarthy

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Pearl McCarthy class-2-c-lores.jpg

Oil Painting with Pearl McCarthy


SCHEDULE Tuesdays, Ongoing from 1:00pm to 3:00pm
FEE: $25. per session. Pay as you go. Sign up online below. Or, bring a check made out to: Arts Wayland. Call or email ahead. (774) 421-9211 to reserve a space. Email: artswaylandgroup@gmail.com

Explore the beauty of painting fruit, objects, and real flowers in oil paint. Students will improve their understanding of color temperature, perspective, value, edges and lighting.

Pearl McCarthy will share her knowledge of realistic painting and give each student the individual attention they need to create their best work yet, guaranteed.

A graduate of Mass College of Art, Pearl McCarthy has studied with Casey Baugh, Nadia Mahfuz, Michelle Dunaway, and Jack Keledjian, among others. Pearl also teaches on Monday evenings in her studio. Visit http://pearlmccarthy.com/

Materials: Pearl recommends professional grade oil paints, oil-primed linen panels and good quality synthetic blend or natural brushes. She highly recommends Rosemary & Co. brushes. She uses the Masterson palette with a sheet of glass cut to fit inside. Contact Pearl if you have any questions. pearlgmccarthy@gmail.com or call (774) 421-9211 with any questions.

Some Tuesdays in the schedule are skipped. Please contact us if you have any questions. Email: artswaylandgroup@gmail.com

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