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as a Volunteer

AW is an all-volunteer organization. It is crucial that we keep a steady flow of helpers to replenish the energy of the organization. A healthy non profit requires a commitment from the community if it is to thrive. We hope you will join in and become a much appreciated and needed volunteer. Membership is not required.

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Descriptions of Some Volunteer Opportunities

Event Planning - Events require several volunteers to handle the many details. Leadership and team members are needed. Creative initiatives are welcome.

Exhibitions - your ideas on new exhibition opportunities are welcome as well as being part of a team to re-use past exhibit formats.

Fundraising - once a year a campaign is sent by email and possibly be direct mail. Creative ideas are welcome.

Hosting Studio Activities - Teachers and presenters are greeted before their event. The room is set up with their event in mind. The host opens and closes the building and studio room for attendees.

Membership - Members join annually, at the beginning and end of the year. A campaign to notify them to renew is sent. We use a spreadsheet to keep track. Finding new members using creative ideas is welcome. Full training is provided.

Newsletter - We use Mailchimp with its drag and drop interface that is actually fun to use. Full training is provided.

Program management - Work with teachers to plan classes and workshops in the studio

Publicity - An online form is filled out for each program and event that local newspapers use for their online calendars. We also send a summary email to newspapers for print calendars. Photos taken at events can be sent to the media with a brief summary story. Those are the basics. We welcome your great ideas and initiatives.

Social media - If you use social media we really need you to help us spread the word on various platforms. We have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Treasurer - A custom spreadsheet has been created by a volunteer for Arts Wayland. You enter the income and the expenses, set the dates for the report, and it is generated on the fly. Then it can be exported as a one-page report. Full training is provided.

Website - We use a drag and drop website that is easy to update in Squarespace. The knowledge you gain may help you create your own website. Full training is provided.