Volunteering @theW Gallery

AW and @theW Gallery are an all-volunteer effort. Get involved and make new friends as part of our community. We are glad to provide a letter acknowledging participation for students who volunteer.

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Descriptions of Some Volunteer Opportunities

Most volunteers will work in groups of two or three. Our goal is to have fun, make connections, and help build community.

Event Planning - Be part of the team planning music events, book clubs, poetry readings, art talks, demos, and more.

Exhibitions - Learn how to select art, plan the layout of a show, and hang art on panels and walls.

Fundraising - Help with designing our campaign.

Hosting in the gallery - We use Sign Up Genius to sign up for time slots to keep the gallery open.

Membership - Members join annually, around the beginning and end of the year. Help keep our list up to date. Help grow membership.

Programs- Explore and plan workshop ideas for the hands-on part of the gallery.

Publicity - Send out press releases for events and exhibits. Help plan for flyer design.

Social media -Help us spread the word on social media. We have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. @artswayland.com

Refreshments - Plan refreshments for an exhibit or event.

Treasurer - Help keep track of our funds. Training provided.

Website - We use Squarespace. The knowledge you gain may help you create your own website. Training provided.